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IF: Prehistoric

IF: Prehistoric

Browsing the web, looking for inspiration for this week’s Illustration Friday topic – prehistoric. The amount of wild and wonderful creatures that may or may not have roamed the earth is mind boggling! So much so, that I decided to invent my own – Flyterraclops – herbivore but capable of inflicting a great deal of damage to predators with its curved, sword like beak!


Noura’s World new website

Officially launched on UAE National Day, 2010.

Noura's World new website

Happy National Day UAE!

Today, the UAE celebrates it’s 39th National Day! Mabrook!

Noura & Hamad celebrate UAE National Day!

UAE National Day - family fun on the Corniche!

‘Babu the storyteller’

‘Babu the storyteller’ – Hand sketch inked in Ai coloured in Photoshop

‘Small girl’

‘Small girl’ – Hand sketch inked in Ai coloured in Photoshop

‘Small boy’

‘Small boy’ – Hand sketch inked in Ai and coloured in Photoshop